History Essay Writing

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Historical essays are normally aimed at giving insightful information regarding events and people that shaped the world into what it is today.  It is also meant to allow the writer give his or her personal opinion on the things that happened and how they affect the world today. Almost all academic essays are designed with a thesis, which is the statement that will be supported or argued against depending on the evidences that the writer has. If for example a writer wishes to build a thesis on democracy and whether it is good or not, he or she will have to come up with historical examples which must be factual and strong points to support his or her stance on the matter.

How to Get Started

Most essays have prompts that will automatically guide a writer in forming a thesis statement and that is why it is always a great idea to read through the prompt given and make sure you understand everything. There are certain words that may change a statement significantly and thus paying close attention to words in the prompt is prudent. If for example you are told to “evaluate” something, this is very different from someone asked to “describe” the same thing.

Once you have understood everything about the prompt given, you should start your personal research on the matter. Of course it is okay to read essays or articles that have been written by other people, however, this should be done only to give you more insight on the matter at hand. Your research is simply a fact finding mission and should not be turned into a copy pasting activity. This means you get your information and record the most important as they may be of help when you come up with your own unique or original arguments.

Actual Writing of the Essay Paper

When you begin writing your sample paper, it is important for you to know that being creative and original is the key to getting more marks. You might borrow ideas from other people but always make sure to give perspectives that no one else has thought to explore. This is because lecturers or professors have probably read the same arguments over and over again. You should therefore be able to come up with something new and unique as this will help you stand out.

Your paper should have the standard outline which is normally three distinct sections separated by paragraphs and subheadings where possible. The first section should be a short brief on the thesis you wish to build on and some little details on the historical issues you wish to tackle in the paper. The second section of your paper should have a more insightful look into various points which you must support with relevant examples and evidences. Finally the third section of the paper should be a small brief on all the things you have been talking about and a reinforcement of your thesis statement.