How To Write an Essay Introduction

Help with Writing Introductions to Essays

The essay introduction is the first section of your paper and normally determines a lot of things. This part can easily increase your reader’s interest in what you will be discussing within the body of your paper. However, if done poorly, your introduction can equally discourage someone from reading through your paper. It is therefore important for you to pay close attention to whatever it is you are doing in this section of the paper. A lot of professors or examiners will give substantial marks depending on how you handle the essay introduction and that is why the following tips should help as you write the paper.

Important Tips for Writing The Introduction

Be Brief; the first thing you need to know is that when you are writing the introduction, you must avoid the temptation of giving out too much information. This is simply a section where you are presenting a topic and proposing a way forward without getting into intricate details.

Be Accurate; in this section of the paper, you must be sure to write all things accurately. This means all the sentences you form must be correctly structured. There must not be any spelling or typing error at this stage of your paper or else you might upset the reader.

Know Your Points; in this section, you must also be able to give a brief overview of what you will be discussing in the body of the essay. This means you must be aware of the points you will be explaining later on. Simply touch on a few of your main points without giving detailed explanations.

State Your Thesis; at this point in writing, you need to be very clear on what your opinion on the matter is. This means you are either going to support the topic or disagree with it. When stating your thesis, you need to be firm and determined rather than using words that may give an impression of doubtfulness.

Avoid Technical Terms; writing an introduction that has too many difficult words can be a very bad idea especially since you are trying to win the interest of your reader. It is highly encouraged that you use simple everyday words in this section. If there is a need to use technical terms, you can do it in the body of the paper since there you can as well explain such terms in detail.

More Information to Remember

As you continue writing your paper, you will automatically begin to include different points with any relevant example. This must be done with the introduction in mind because it is necessary that all your points are in agreement with the thesis statement you made in the beginning. Anything that deviates from the main thesis statement will end up confusing the reader and making you seem less knowledgeable on the topic matter. Finally, you must remember to format your paper in the most appropriate manner or as instructed by the teacher.